Superintendent's Welcome

Superintendent's Welcome

Superintendent's Message:


You may have arrived at this page for many reasons. Perhaps you are curious as to what Blue Hills Regional is all about, or what our school has to offer you, your child, guardian, or other interested person. Perhaps you have heard of about our fifty-year tradition of producing well-prepared young people for the world of work and higher education. But for any reason you may have sought out Blue Hills as your educational opportunity, we have even more reasons as to why we continue to be successful at our mission.

BHR Mission: Blue Hills Regional Technical School's mission is to continue its history of academic achievement, technical training and character development through a curriculum which emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge technical programs and challenging academic courses; enabling its students to become competent, caring and productive people in a diverse and changing world.

At Blue Hills, these are not simply words – They represent the framework of a coordinated effort of many educational professionals, along with the cooperation of students and their families. To further understand who we are and what we stress most, consider our school symbol, the Triad. Each of the three interlocking triangles (each resembling a blue hill) represents the three most important areas of emphasis at BHR: Academics, Technical and Character.

Academics are alive and well in Vocational/Technical and Career education. Our rigorous offerings and varied levels of study provide a solid grounding for meeting today's high-stakes assessment demands, as well as entry to a myriad of choices in higher education.

Our technical offerings are continually updated and provided with the latest technology, so that all students are given the opportunity to acquire the myriad of skills needed in any of the program areas. In addition to emphasizing the connection of academics to technical study (and vice versa), we provide our students one key opportunity that you cannot get elsewhere: Learning in context – deep context – real world – hands-on and minds-on. Last, we strive to develop new programs over time that reflect recent employment growth areas, such as our newest program in Legal and Protective Services (Criminal Justice).

Finally, character development is not a separate activity, but pervades all that we do. It happens in our Academic classrooms, our Vocational/Technical programs, and especially our sports teams and clubs/activities. Character matters, especially in the workplace; and this is why it is stressed so ubiquitously at BHR. No matter what family you come from, once here, your become part of the Blue Hills Family.

On behalf of the entire district, I welcome you and invite you to experience just what makes Blue Hills Regional Technical School so special.


James P. Quaglia